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Every organization’s dream is to become number one in the market by suppressing potential competitors. Now with the internet, every major organization is trying to place their public or government companies’ names at the top of the search results after stealing the competitor’s web traffic. Through this process, only a few companies were able to gain success while others are failing.

Furthermore, it’s frustrating to see other companies succeed. So how one can improve the web traffic or steal the competitor’s web traffic and turn it into profit? There are a few methods that are used to improve and steal the competitor’s web traffic.

Always target the competitor’s keywords

To improve web traffic through SEO Services and SMO Services (Read More: How to Get Organic Traffic from Search Engine to Your Blog?), always pay attention to the competitor’s website first. Monitor how the rival company is handling the traffic; there are many sites that offer services to peek at the competitor’s keywords used on the site. For example, go to the SEM rush and type in the competitor’s name which displays the keywords used on the site. Through this one can improve the keywords of their site and increase web traffic. In this case, it’s actually stealing from competitors. Some tools which help in keyword search are as follows.

  • Spyfu Keyword research
  • Buzzsumo
  • SERP Checker
  • MOZ open site explorer
  • Feed the bot SEO overview tool are a few to name

Increase Domain Authority

To steal the competitor’s web traffic one has to always remember a crucial thing which is increasing the domain authority. One important factor that determines the search engine ranking of a website is domain authority. The site which has the highest domain authority is listed at the top of the results whereas the one with lower domain authority is listed at the bottom. So to increase the domain authority one should take a few factors into consideration such as:

A site like MOZRANK takes all these factors into the account and generates domain authority rank. So, in order to improve the domain authorities follow these tips:

  • Always pick a better domain name
  • Design likable content
  • Optimize the on-page content
  • Eliminate the unwanted links
  • Amplify interlinking links
  • Keep the site mobile compatible
  • And spread the sites through social media forums.

These are some ways to improve the increase the domain authority.

Make the content more influential

Always remember to make the content look simple and influential to others. Good content should always target the audience’s needs and specify them as simply as possible. The client must not find the content difficult to comprehend. And be influential to the audiences, by positioning the business correctly and by helping users with their needs one can become a Hella influencer. So, to become a highly influencer follow these tips

  • Resonate with your followers
  • Be available everywhere (try guest posts)
  • Augment social proofs
  • Announce discount rates
  • offer giveaways
  • organize online competitions

These tips help in web developing a strategic influential business model.

Follow the paid promotions tactics

 The paid promotion ads on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can help bring the existing audience closer and fetch new audiences. For instance, if the competitor is large enough it may be listed as an interest, so one can target people based on this, to reach people in the community niches who haven’t heard about the company yet.

Why you must pursue both SEO and Social Media Together to beat your Competitor’s social media traffic?

 Moreover, SEO and social media are the two most important factors needed to expand your business. Without them, your business can never gain recognition online. SEO puts your company’s name in the top ten lists on Google and social media benefits your business to be known and seen by everyone at regular intervals.

In today’s world, people surf the internet more than any other work. They may not talk to the people sitting next to you but will surely surf the internet. Your company may not gain name and fame if you advertise it offline as they will be least noticed but if you advertise it on social media then name and fame is on your way.

SEO and SMO Services Difference

Now the question arises are SEO and SMO Services interrelated? Yes, they are interrelated. When the strategies of both SEO and social media work together then it is sure that your company will gain a huge profit. They have a lot of things in common.

Both are used to attract customers. What else can be better than getting more and more customers at your site? People will have interested to know about your company and the products you offer. They may buy and recommend those products to other people also. Thus your profit will increase to another level.

Sometimes it can happen that your company due to some reasons may not be shown in the top ten lists at Google which means SEO isn’t working or sometimes the advertisements you are showing on social media must be neglected by people. In this case, you need to lose your hope fully.  If SEO is not working then social media will help you and vice versa.

When your advertisement will be shown on social media then people will surely visit your website by directing clicking the link that you may provide. The same is the case when social media is not working.

People may search for some keywords and if the keywords match your company then the name of your company will be shown in the top ten lists. Thus your purpose is solved in either of the ways.

SEO and social media offer a great investment for the business. Many businessmen think that SEO and social media are just a waste of money. They can gain publicity offline and online. But actually, this is next to impossible. They don’t think that spending $1 can give $10 to you. This investment both in social media and SEO will help you gain a lot of success.

Be unique i.e. using a Brand name

Also if you are trying to build your own brand then you cannot take the help of just one of them. If you continuously show your advertisements on social media and then your company isn’t shown in the top ten lists then people may think you are fake. Also if your company is in the top lists and no advertisements are seen then again people may think you are fake.

SEO and social media are very important for every business. Therefore a businessman must not neglect either of them.

These are the few ways to improve and steal the competitor’s web traffic and use it for advantage.

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