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There is no wonder that the quality content decides whether it can reach a large group of targeted audience. But have you wondered what high-quality means to a search engine’s algorithm? or What part of the content decides whether it should rank in the search engine results?

If you have yet, it’s the right time to make your online presence meaningful with the expected traffic. Here is the complete information about the content that search engines like Google prefer to rank on SERP.

What type of content do search engines as well as the audience prefer?

Search Engines aim to provide the best possible content to the users. On the other hand, users lookout for accurate information and add a distinct value for the time spent. If you need to satisfy both of them, make sure your content is both unique and engaging.

Unique content and its significance

Unique content refers to exclusive content that appears only on your site for your customers. Such contents add a distinct value for the internet users and also separates your site from others. It can also be additional information that other sites don’t have. Having such unique content makes your site stand out from the competition in the search results.

A unique presentation of the content reflects the view of the organization on a well-discussed topic. This represents an independent organization aiming towards providing valuable content to the audience.

Not only this, even search engines want to offer diverse and high-quality results for a better user experience. With such unique content or presentation, the search engine can differentiate your site from others. Thus, it can be way easier to lead the search engine result page than the same content that one can find elsewhere.

Importance of Engaging content

The “Engaging” content can be stated as content that provides the visitors with every inch of information they want so that they stick to the site longer. But an engaging site aims at making content so compelling that the user takes a favorable action of it.

For instance, an affiliate site is successful in making engaging content only if the visitors click on the provided link. Similarly, the content of an e-commerce site is engaging when it compels the visitor to buy any of the offerings. So, the goal for engaging content is to make the visitor take favorable action.

Several indicators are used to measure the engagement of a site such as KPIs. On the other hand, social media takes engagement as the number of likes, comments, follow and shares, etc. The visitor clicks on either of these buttons based on the engagement level.

The Search Engine’s algorithm is specially designed to enhance user experience. So, it is obvious that it wants the searcher to find all of them in one place instead of shifting through lots of other sites.

With unique yet engaging content your site can meet this criterion. You can not only make the visitor stick to your site with relevant yet informative details but also slow down their quest to a great extent.

How to make a combo of uniqueness and engaging content?

The foundation for unique yet engaging content is an “idea” that not only differentiates but also makes your content appreciable. You should lookout for an idea that resolves the queries of the targeted audience instantly. For instance, a person looking out for breaking news finds your site impressive if you deliver every required information in one place.

The same follows for an e-commerce site as well. If you write the description of a mango ice cream as just “mango flavored ice cream” your content merges with every other. But, adding “mango ice cream for summers” can make your content engaging for the visitors in summers. Thus, you are already a step ahead of the competition in both attracting the customers and engaging them.

Here are some techniques using which you can make unique yet engaging content in SEO

  • Do your research: – Firstly, survey the competition and collect the flaws of the results appearing on the top.
  • Overcome the flaws: – Your content should aim at providing the stuff which no other site on the result page is providing.
  • Add some creativity: – Add a touch of creativity to the presentation of your content to make it compelling to the visitors.
  • Keep it simple yet on the point: – Add infographics to make the content as short and simple as most internet users prefer.
  • Don’t miss any essential SEO bits: – Even if your content is creative, simple with infographics, and resolving the issues in other sites, SEO is crucial. Stuff your content with essential keywords, titles and bullet points to support search engines.

Apart from including all those techniques into your content, you need to make sure the presentation is appealing. Unique yet engaging content with appealing looks is unmatched whether it is about ranking or about creating a loyal community.

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