Best Image Compression WordPress Plugins

If you’re seeking the finest image optimizer WordPress plugin to boost the efficiency of your website, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this post, we’ll look at three of the finest image optimizer WordPress plugins for improving the speed and efficiency of your WordPress website.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and it’s true; we all utilize photos for promoting, visualizing, and describing the overarching content concept of our blog posts and pages. However, if we utilize too many photos, we will not only reduce the amount of free space on our web server, but we will also raise the page loading time of the website. Over time, you will gradually lose visitors.

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As a result, you want a clever WordPress image optimizer to optimally resolve this issue, and while you customarily upload the photos, it automatically optimizes them in the background in a fuss-free manner.

This post will assist you in locating the top WordPress image optimizer plugins, and we will go over the key characteristics of each one as follows.

  • Key features
  • File Formats
  • Interface
  • Performance and pricing

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ImageRecycle Plugin: Image and PDF file Compression

ImageRecycle Plugin is the best WordPress image optimizer that will make your website lighter, allowing it to function more smoothly by reducing picture size without sacrificing image quality.

ImageRecycle offers a WordPress plugin, however, for the time being, let’s concentrate on their PHP Script. The PHP script has the same functionality as the plugin and is specifically built for websites that utilize PHP-based servers. The best thing about this PHP script is that it works on autopilot and is a standalone installation, which means that all you have to do is upload a folder or file to your database and launch the PHP script interface to compress all the images and PDF; as a result, your task will be completed without a hitch.

This script is compatible with all PHP servers, all CMS, and it is a stand-alone installation. That is, you only need to upload a folder of files to your server, and then you may begin compressing all photos and PDFs on this site.


Key Features:

  • The biggest aspect of this PHP Script is its compatibility, which allows for the best interaction with any CMS or third-party plugins.
  • Using this PHP Script, you can simply compress and optimize any picture in Prestashop, October CMS, or Craft CMS.
  • The PHP script works well with Shopify , Magneto, Joomla, and WordPress extensions.
  • It is extremely compatible with any WordPress Plugin or media gallery.
  • The plugin operates in a highly sophisticated manner; it will identify the picture in the server folder and upload the folder, then intelligently compress it and replace it after optimization.
  • Another important feature is that each new pdf/jpeg/png file uploaded in these folders will be immediately examined and included in the optimization process.
  • Images from WooCommerce plugins or another CMS may be readily compressed.
  • The PHP Script concentrates on lowering picture size but not quality because huge compression might result in poor quality. The PHP Script image optimization method begins with a clever diagnostic of verifying the picture quality; if the image size is similarly good as that of the desired compressed image, then the optimization phase is immediately skipped.
  • The PHP Script technique propagates two stages of compression for photos, allowing you to keep the image’s original quality while reducing its size.
  • You may optimize your online picture by selecting the “Best saving” or “Lossy” Optimization level, which compresses the image up to 80% while retaining the same visual image as the original.
  • Alternatively, you may choose the “original quality” or “lossless” optimization level, which is appropriate for changing picture layers while retaining the original image data. The picture can be reduced by up to 20%.
  • Another intriguing feature of PHP Script is the ability to run the optimization process in the background while you work on another activity. Once you’ve started the optimization process in the background, you may keep an eye on it while working on another job. When done, you will be notified by email.
  • Cron task: This functionality allows you to optimize images by using ImageRecycle servers instead of any other server resources. You may concentrate on your job while the picture compression process continues to function.
  • WordPress image compression can increase the speed of your website by lowering the amount of storage for your photos and PDFs. The CDN bandwidth prices will be lowered in the same manner.
  • Get a one-month media backup and easily recover your original photographs.
  • Allows you to filter your optimized/unoptimized data by saving the date, file name, and status.
  • Allows you to optimize media types such as jpg, png, gif, webP, and pdf to Lossy/Lossless/compressed.
  • Gain high-quality PDF compression created specifically for web-based publishing optimization; you may achieve a high-quality PDF ranging from 10% to 95% depending on the configuration utilized to get the PDF quality.

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Interface/installation process:

This is a very compatible plugin that supports any PHP-powered CMS incredibly well, regardless of whatever CMS you use on your WordPress.

PHP Script is a simple plugin that functions as a stand-alone installation. The optimization procedure is so straightforward that even non-technologists may utilize it without difficulty. All you have to do is upload a folder/file to your server and then begin the compression process. It is simply a PHP506+ version that is required, and no database server is necessary.

You can put this folder wherever on your server; all you have to do is upload it and then unzip it, and you’re done!

To get a detailed IMAGERECYCLE demo of how to compress and install images using  PHP Script: click here

Pricing and performance:

Get a free test service for 15 days that will allow you to use this service to automatically compress photos; subsequently, you may upgrade to a one-time membership or a higher capacity plan. There are no hidden fees for any of the membership plans. Furthermore, all of the tools and services are accessible with a single account and may be utilized for various websites and sub-accounts.

ImageRecycle prices and plans – www

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Take a look at the astounding results of PHP script compression (image recycle Plugin) for various media genres. Take note of the significantly decreased image size that does not degrade image quality.

image recycle Plugin Php Scripting Performance

ShortPixel image compression

Another popular and well-liked image optimizing plugin for WordPress is ShortPixel. ShortPixel is now available in two versions, as updated.

  • ShortPixel image optimizer: automatically lowers and resizes images in real time.
  • ShortPixel Adaptive Images: This version has an intriguing feature in which it focuses on the user’s device and resizes the images adaptively according to the resolution enabled by the tools. On a Retina screen, it actively resizes and compresses to the high-resolution picture; on a Smartphone device, it resizes to the low-resolution image.

Key Features (ShortPixel image optimizer)

  • The picture enhancer To automatically compress images, the WordPress plugin may use different degrees of lossy or lossless compression.
  • Conveniently resizes picture dimensions to the highest level as needed.
  • Supports and compresses photos in JPG, PNG, and GIF formats.
  • Correctly PDF resizes and compresses for online publishing.
  • Maintain a backup copy of all original data.
  • It provides a variety of picture thumbnail sizes for compression.
  • It supports WP format in addition to JPG, PNG, and GIF.

Images with ShortPixel Adaptation

  • To deliver the pictures, this plugin makes use of a worldwide CDN.
  • It has the clever ability to resize images by dynamically recognizing the visitor’s gadget.
  • The plugin has the ability to crop the image drastically without compromising the original look.

Interface/installation method

The ShortPixal plugin is simple to set up.

Once you’ve completed the installation and activation processes, the next step is to obtain the API key, which you can obtain by simply entering your email address into the interface. The created API key may be used on many sites, which will make your life easier if you manage a network of sites.

After activating your API key, you will be sent to the settings area, where you may configure your API key.

  • By selecting the two compression levels as well as the lossless compression, you may get the appropriate compression level.
  • You have the option of resizing the thumbnail picture size (these thumbnails are already created by WordPress automatically).
  • It gives you the option of keeping a backup of your original data or deleting the EXIF data.
  • You may choose the maximum dimensions to automatically resize photographs; also, you can keep the original aspect ratio and specify the max-width to prevent further cropping of the image.
ShortPixel Plugin Interface

ShortPixel suggests a few options.

  • When fresh photographs are uploaded, it will automatically optimize them.
  • You may manually optimize the photos by picking each one one at a time.
  • Alternatively, you may optimize all bulk photos accessible on your server.


Shortpixel Image optimizing pricing table

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ShortPixel provides some of its data for free each month, after which you must purchase a plan based on your demands.

For a month, you may download up to 100 free photographs with no size restrictions; after that, you can select between a monthly membership and one-time image optimization credits. The cheapest membership plan costs $4 per month for 5000 photographs, while the most affordable subscription plan costs $9 per month for 10000 images.

You may use your ShortPixel account on numerous websites with the same API key and access all of the data provided.

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Imagify is one of the greatest WordPress image compression solutions for speeding up your website by employing light pictures without sacrificing image quality.

Imagify WordPress Optimizing

Our algorithms will compress your photographs without affecting their quality. Look at the change!

Moreover, you may compress photos using our web interface, API, or directly in your chosen CMS. Keep the highest quality possible or seek the utmost performance with Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra modes.

Key Features

  • Optimize your website
  • Increase user engagement
  • Increase your traffic
  • Watch your conversions rise

Imagify has three compression settings;

  • Lossless compression is a type of compression that compresses a picture without degrading its quality.
  • Lossy compression: this is an aggressive compression setting that may produce a slight loss in quality, but this loss is barely noticeable.
  • The Ultra compression level is a lossy algorithm strategy as well.
  • If you wish to recover the original version of your photographs, you can utilise the backup image system.
  • If you want your photographs in WebP format, you may check the box in settings, and this will produce WebP images as well as WebP thumbnails for each image.

Interface/installation process

Imagify has a user-friendly interface that allows you to utilize the Imagify service after activating the API key. After activation, you will have full access to the interface.

This plugin, like any other WordPress image optimizer, provides two degrees of compression;

  • Compression that is lossy
  • Compression without loss

You have the option of manually compressing photographs or automatically compressing bulk images with a backup of the original images.

Imagify Plugin Dashboard interface


Imagify Pricing Plans

This plugin, like Shortpixel and Imagerecycle, provides a month of free data. However, their approach is a little different. It does not track how many photographs you optimize using the plugin instead of this; they allow 25 MB of data each month, which is beneficial if you just optimize short images. After you’ve used this data, you can upgrade to a monthly plan or a one-time subscription.

The lowest package is $4.99 for 500 MB of image storage.

Final Verdicts (Conclusion)

We covered three of the finest image optimizer WordPress plugins. These plugins are available for free for a short time. In addition to free models, they also provide premium models with significant advantages. You can select any of the subscription options based on your needs.

If we had to pick the best image optimizer plugin, we’d say “PHP Script for Image and PDF Compression Plugin.”

We support this plugin for the following reasons:

  • This PHP script is compatible with every CMS, including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and the Shopify app.
  • It compresses jpeg, png, and gif pictures to make them smaller while maintaining image quality. The same can be said for PDF, where you may receive superb PDFs for web publications.
  • The “PHP script” provides the best and most economical subscription options with no hidden fees.

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