Looking For Web Development? Try WordPress – An Open Source Platform

So you are the owner of a startup business looking to have a site developed for yourself with your limited funds? Using WordPress – a brilliant open source platform that is widely used as a CMS besides serving as a useful blogging tool.

When WordPress Development came out during the early 2000s, it gained major popularity as the ideal blogging software. However, many people criticized the program, considering that its usefulness was strictly limited to blogging itself. It was only proved soon that this was a fairly limited notion of what WordPress can actually do.

WordPress can be used for designing a whole website and not only the blogging portion. For this reason, thousands of non-blogging sites make use of WordPress for their web designing and development requirements.

However, if you are thinking that only startup businesses prefer themes with WordPress, then think again because even established business houses love to have their sites developed and maintained by WordPress developers. Not only this CMS offers a wide range of customization features, but it is also fairly easy to work with them as well. So let’s have a look at the various benefits of choosing WordPress web development for your company’s website.

Ease of use

The highly intuitive interface of WordPress can be use and navigate quite easily. Various functions such as adding blog posts, new pages, images, etc. can complete fairly easily, quickly and on a rather regular basis. The technology that WordPress provides you with is very simple to work with and so the time spend on setting the format for your site is greatly reduce.

No HTML editing program or FTP software is needed

Web Development is a completely self-contained system, which means that it does not require any HTML editing program (such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Contribute). You can create new pages or blog posts, upload images as well as edit them, format texts, upload video files, documents, image galleries, etc., and all of this can be done without any additional FTP or HTML software.

The search engines love sites that are made from WordPress Development

The codes that use for developing WordPress sites are quite simple and clean, which makes it easy for the search engines to thoroughly read and index the content of a site.

Apart from this, each post, page, image or any other entry can have its very own description, meta tag keywords and title and can be optimized for different kinds of specific keywords, thus allowing high precise options for search engine optimization. Another advantage of using WP is that it allows you to use tags for the further enhancement of your SEO services.

WordPress allows you to have complete control over your site

Working with other web development programs will often make it necessary for you to depend exclusively on your team of web designers to make even the smallest or the simplest of changes.

However, WordPress allows you to have fuller control over almost all aspects of your site’s development and maintenance. It makes you far more independent and capable of making important updates yourself at the touch of a button.

Serves as a ready-made blog program for your site

Any business site needs to have a blogging section to invite discussions on different related topics and provide additional information on a host of topics. As WordPress was originally crafted as a user-friendly blogging platform, the blogging capabilities come totally built-in with it and are totally easy to integrate if and when you want to.

With WordPress, you can set up RSS or email subscriptions and commenting capabilities for your blog as well as automatically add the most recent or updated blog posts to the different pages of your site. The various blogging functions inherent in WP are also quite easy to set up.

Not only do they make your website more interactive and dynamic, but also extend the reach of your brand.

Allows better time management

With WordPress, you can add content to your site and then schedule the posts to be re-published on your website any time and day you want.

So you can write 3 months’ content writing in advance, break it into smaller portions, and set them to be automatically posted on your site as and when you want.

This allows for better time management and does not hurt when you choose to take a leave from work.

Social media friendly

Moreover, WordPress Development allows you to integrate your blog entries and images with various social media optimization sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So instead of actually having to log into each and every one of your Competitors social media profiles, you can save your efforts by integrating any new post much quicker with various social networking sites. This makes your job much easier for you.

Mohd Ozair

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