cPanel WordPress Hosting

1- Best cPanel WordPress Hosting Overview

cPanel was originally created by a private company cPanel, Inc. for a web hosting company called Speed Hosting. It is now available to many different hosting companies. The cPanel WordPress Hosting is a control panel or web panel used for dealing with all the different facets of the hosting plan.

Like most panels used in recent times, it has a graphical user interface (GUI) which helps the client manage the hosting service with ease. All the different features of the hosting plan like servers, emails and databases can be easily managed even by beginners or non-technical people. Plesk and WebPanel are examples of control panels that work on similar lines with cPanel.

cPanel is Linux based. The versions Red Hat, CentOs and CloudLinux can be used for cPanel. Along with the GUI it also provides automation tools the help with the process of hosting a site. The basic system administration process can also be automated using cPanel. This saves the client a lot of time and stress.

2- What Makes it The Leader Among The Competitor Control Panels?

In the world of server and web hosting management, cPanel WordPress is a very well-known name. It is most popular among first time web developers. This is mainly due to its easy to use, point and click interface. The easy automation of admin tasks also helps beginners. cPanel is not generally a free feature however, many web hosting companies include cPanel in their plans.

3- Important Advantages of Using cPanel WordPress

  • Users get to manage their email, databases and domains.
  • Storage of large amounts of data and files in MySQL and other databases.
  • Backup of important files for the websites.
  • Access to a large number of apps.
  • Easy installation of web applications and scripts.
  • Robust security using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security)
  • Files and directories can be password protected and unwanted IP addresses can be blocked.
  • Email and webmail services.
  • FTP
  • Customer support team.
  • Domain management services.

The cPanel features however vary from plan to plan. Certain features SSL can be allowed by some hosting providers and not by some others. There can also be a limit on the databases used. Hence, all available features should be verified from the web hosting providers.

4- Comparison Between cPanel Hosting Services

A web hosting provider that offers cPanel as a part of a hosting package or even allows all customers to install and use cPanel WordPress can be called a cPanel host. Most reputed web hosting providers nowadays include the cPanel in their plans free of charge.

4.1 – VPS (Virtual Private Server) vs Shared vs Dedicated hosting for cPanel

Users of cPanel hosting can be varied. Some are entry level web developers while others are professionals in the field with years of experience. Different features of web hosting services are useful and appeal to different categories of the user group.

Customers of shared hosting are generally beginner web developers or hobby bloggers. For them the easy to use features like 1-click installation, access to webmail, simple GUI and security features are most important.

VPS and dedicated hosting services tend to be the next level after shared hosting. Generally used by the more experienced or technically advanced individuals. They are hence more interested in the technical aspects of the web hosting service like the SSH access, database management, root access and backups.

In a nutshell the important features that any user should look for in a cPanel host are:

  • Easy installation of WordPress, Joomla, etc.
  • cPanel license without extra fees.
  • Good site builder and marketing tools.
  • Unlimited email, domains and storage.

5- Add-ons to cPanel WordPress

Along with all the front end operations cPanel provides for, there are several add-ons that can be used to increase the functionality. They of course come at additional charges incurred to the customers. The most commonly used ones include Fantastico, Softaculous and Installatron that are auto installers. cPanel also provides automatic updates to software like PHP, MySQL, Exim, FTP etc.

6- cPanel Hosting Costs

Price is an important factor for all web hosting customers. The cost of a cPanel license can range from around $20 to $50 a month. It is cheaper when purchased with VPS hosting than with dedicated hosting plans. Shared hosting customers generally do not own their cPanel licenses. The host owns the license and provides cPanel access as a free feature in the plan or as an add-on at an extra charge.

7- Inexpensive cPanel Hosting

The cheapest way of getting cPanel access is by using a shared hosting plan where the host pays for the cPanel license and provides cPanel access to the customers for a small fee in the range of $2-$5. Most reputed web hosting providers have this option in their plans.

8- Free Hosting

Free web hosting plans are generally not recommended. It is always better to go for an inexpensive plan from a good web hosting provider and get cPanel access for free or a very small charge. For example $2 to 20 a month for a good hosting service with free cPanel is better than $20 a month for a cPanel license with a free but poor VPS hosting service.

9- Alternatives To cPanel

Inspite of all its attractive features some clients may not want to use cPanel for varied reasons. There are other useful panels available in the market both open source and premium.

WebMin and ISPConfig are good open-source or free options while Plesk and WebPanel are in the premium category. However, even if all these options are considered as competitors to cPanel they do not quite match up to it in terms of the functionality and value offered.

Microsoft had come up with ‘Enkompass’, a version of cPanel for the Windows operating system. It was unfortunately not very successful.

10- Web Hosting Providers For cPanel

Reviewers of web hosting services rank the companies like eHost, SiteGround and BlueHost at the top of the line for cPanel hosting plans. Their features of easy installations and free domains make them most attractive to customers of web hosting services.

11- cPanel WordPress Hosting FAQ

What is a web hosting control panel?
A web hosting control panel is a user interface that helps the user to control all parts of his or her website or web browser. If a person owns a website, a control panel helps him to manage his website without the use of any additional software.

A control panel in web hosting makes the process of managing a website easy. It depends on the web hosting service provider that what type of control panel they use in their hosting services. However, some web hosting companies use their customized control panels whereas other web hosting companies use already available control panels.

11.1 – What is cPanel?

cPanel is the type of web hosting control panel that is used by many web hosts or ISPs so that their users can easily control their web sites and the web server. It is one of the best control panel available today that is used by the hosting service providers to manage websites. It is actually an administrative tool that is very helpful in managing a website.

cPanel WordPress provides users with graphical interphase that they can use to control and manage their web servers and hosts. Even if you are a first time user, it has user-friendly interface and you can easily use it.

11.2 – What is an ISP?

An ISP i.e. internet service provider is the company that allows you to access the internet. Clients of internet service provider include organizations as well as individuals.

11.3 – What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the service that allows people and businesses to host their website on the internet so that users who want to see the information available on those websites can easily access it through the internet by typing the address of the web page in the address bar of their web browsers.

There are many companies that provide web hosting services at very affordable prices and anyone who wants to start a blog or a website can easily avail of the service provided by these companies.

11.4 – What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is the type of a web server that is dedicated for only a single purpose i.e. hosting a single website on a single web server. In this way, all the resources are dedicated specially for only one user. Hosting service that is provided by using dedicated servers is known as dedicated hosting and it is mostly used by big organizations or websites with huge traffic.

11.5 – What is the virtual private server?

A virtual private server is similar to the dedicated server. It is a single web server that hosts multiple websites however, the resources are divided in such a way that every user has dedicated resources. Not all users use the same hardware due to which it is similar to dedicated hosting.

11.6 – Can a cPanel work as a dedicated server?

Yes, cPanel is designed in such a way that it can work as a dedicated server.

11.7 – Can a cPanel work as a virtual private server?

Yes, cPanel can also work as a virtual private server.

11.8 – What is the use of cPanel?

cPanel is used by web hosting companies so that their users can manage their websites from a web-based interface. Controlling and managing is not an easy task but cPanel simplifies this task and makes it easier for people to control and manage their websites. It is specifically used to manage Linux or Windows based web servers.

11.9 – Why should people use cPanel?

Using a cPanel to control a web server and website is as easy as clicking on a link. People who do not have extensive knowledge of website building and managing can also use cPanel WordPress for this purpose. Therefore, people should prefer using cPanel as compared to other control panels because it makes everything easier.

11.10 – What is a website?

A Website is a collection of web pages that can be accessed by using a single domain name. A website may contain images, videos, and plain text. Data of a website is stored on a web server so that it can be accessed through the internet.

11.11 – What is a web browser?

A web browser is software that can be used to access information that is available on the internet i.e. World Wide Web. There are many web browsers but the most common web browsers are internet explorer, google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

11.12 – What are the tasks of cPanel?

There are many tasks that are performed by the cPanel WordPress. It manages and controls a web server and a website. It is provided by the hosting companies to allow their users to control email addresses. Users
of cPanel can add email accounts, check their emails, change their information and many other tasks related to email management.

cPanel also allows its users to manage domain names by configuring new domains and creating subdomains. Another function of cPanel is that it allows you to create FTP accounts, modify your files and control the database.

11.13 – What is an email?

Email, also known as electronic mail is a message that is transferred digitally from one point to another with the help of a digital device such as a computer, mobile, tablet etc.

11.14 – What is a domain?

The domain is an address that is used to identify a website on the world wide web. People can easily remember domain names and it helps them to access the required website. An example of a domain name is

11.15 – Can I remove cPanel easily?

Unfortunately, once you install a cPanel, it is difficult to remove it. However, if you want to remove it, the easiest way is to uninstall it.

11.16 – How to uninstall a cPanel WordPress?

If you want to remove a cPanel easily, then you will have to uninstall it because it cannot be easily removed. The best and easiest way to uninstall a cPanel is that you reformat the server. There are also other ways of uninstalling it if you do not want to reformat the webserver.

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