SSH WordPress Hosting (Managed Secure Shell (SSH) Web Hosting)

SSH WordPress Hosting (Managed Secure Shell (SSH) Web Hosting)

SSH or Secure shell is a protocol used mainly for remote login applications for different computer systems by many users. It uses a cryptographic network protocol for securely using services over an unsecured network. In short, in a client server architecture SSH provides a secure channel over an unsecured network. It connects a client with the server. It starts text-based shell sessions on the server.

There are two types of SSH – SSH-1 and SSH-2. Other than remote login applications, other examples where SSH is used is command line login and execution. SSH is most commonly used to access shell accounts on Unix operating systems. Microsoft provides limited use and support for SSH on Windows as well. SSH was originally created to replace Telnet which was an unsecured protocol. It was then also used for securing rlogin, rsh and rexec protocols.

Out of the available versions, most hosting companies today use SSH-2. SSH-2 has more enhanced security. Transmission of all the data on SSH is heavily encrypted. This protects password or other information from being sniffed. Thus, SSH provides the data a secure channel for transmission even if the network is unsecured.

Software requirements for using SSH are limited. A basic software called SSH terminal or SSH client is required. This is available for all operating systems like Windows, Unix, MAC, Safari, Solaris, NetBSD etc. Microsoft does not support SSH extensively however, there are other software that can be used to provide support to it. For its encryption, SSH uses both public and manual key.

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Benefits of Using SSH

Website Management

With the help of SSH access, a user can easily log in to the web hosting account and manage the website. This is done using UNIX or Linux instructions. Many website maintenance tasks including backups, compression of files, data transfer etc. can be performed at ease. Scheduled tasks like editing of system files and file permissions can also be taken care of.

Easy Installations of Applications

Applications like Drupal, WordPress, Prestashop and Joomla! are very popular among website designers today. Also everyone generally prefers one-click installations or easy methods of installing these applications on their devices. SSH access enables the users to download these applications directly, unpacked them and install them with ease. Users can also log in to MySQL and access the required databases.

Simplified Server Management

There is a lot more to SSH hosting than just using the command line to login or access your server. The resulting workflow is faster and easier when compared to that using a graphical user interface. Accessing and managing the server’s files becomes simple and efficient. This is mainly because just a few commands can be used to create folders, transfer files and perform other file operations.

Added Security Using SSH

SSH enables the user to setup a SSH tunnel. A SSH tunnel is nothing but a secure space through which encrypted files can be transmitted with a guarantee that no third party is able to reach these files during the transmission process.

Other Important Details ssh wordpress hosting

The initial versions of SSH did not provide as much security as the latest versions. The limitations in these older versions were initially dealt with using patches. However, they still remained quite vulnerable and these have now become obsolete. The latest version SSH-2 is now used as the standard in the industry. This version has improved the security to a great extent. In spite of all this, providing the server with 100% security is almost impossible.

Most reputed hosts offer SSH access on all of their plans. However, VPS and dedicated server clients get root access to SSH, giving them a lot more flexibility. For using SSH, no particular programming or technical experience is required. Just a few setting adjustments need to be made to connect to a remote server using SSH. Then login through FTP is required. SSH is being used in on the cloud platform too. It is helping to address a lot of security issues being faced by users of cloud computing.

Disadvantages of SSH

Compromised Security

In spite of the security that comes with digital certificates and encryption, SSH still has some vulnerabilities that can cause digital attacks.


SSH is not ideal for continuous long term data transfers or bulk transfers. Larger files being transferred can cause SSH spikes.

Lower Performance

Heavy use of SSH can decrease the performance of your website. This is mainly because SSH can cause spikes in the CPU and bandwidth if large amounts of data are transferred in one session. Spikes can also be caused due to debugging.

Top Rated SSH Web Hosting Providers

Reputed web hosting providers differ based on plans, features and pricing. With proper research and analysis, finding an ideal SSH hosting provider for a client is not impossible.

  • A2 Hosting
  • InMotion Hosting
  • BlueHost
  • HostGator
  • JustHost
  • HostMonster
  • FastDomain
  • LunarPages

Most Cost-Effective Hosting Service

Reviewers and experts in the field have chosen BlueHost hosting service as the most cost-effective. The low average server response time and average page loading time of websites are couple of the reasons explained that have earned it the reputation. BlueHost customers get the advantage of their excellent technical support that is available

The hosting company also provides hundreds of pages in detailed tutorials to guide their clients through technical issues and setup related questions for SSH.
BlueHost offers 3 web hosting plans offer SSH support. The cheapest option starts as low as $2.95/month. The important features that are offered in the plans are:

  • Money back and full refund guarantee
  • Free domain name
  • Automatic backups everyday
  • Marketing credits
  • Quick customer support available

High Performance Hosting Service

HostMonster is well known as a reliable web hosting provider. It realizes the importance of SSH for its clients and makes it available on all its plans including those for shared hosting. HostMonster ensures excellent SSH performance by using latest technology for its data centers and networks. Security is also robust.

The shared hosting plans are available for as low as $3.95/month with HostMonster. Other important features offered in the plans are:

  • Shared SSL certificate
  • Anytime refund
  • High uptime guarantee
  • 1-click installation for all applications
  • Free domain
  • Advertising credits

Top 10 SSH Hosting Companies

SSH Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is meant by secure shell hosting (SSH)?

    SSL (abbreviated as secure shell hosting) is a type of hosting service. As its name indicates, it is a hosting service that is very secure. With secure shell hosting (SSH), you can easily interchange the data between two computers over an encoded channel. Secure shell hosting uses a public key cryptography to verify the remote computer and it also allows to authenticate the user.

  • Why secure shell hosting (SSH) is used?

    Secure shell hosting is usually used as a replacement for logging into the server and giving the command. It also supports tunneling and forwarding which ultimately makes it a secure file transfer (SFT), remote MySQL and PostgreSQL connection.

  • How does secure shell hosting works?

    The secure shell hosting uses the client-server model by connecting the application of secure shell client and at the end, the session is displayed with the help of secure shell hosting server. A client-server model is a model in which one computer system acts as a client and the other computer system acts as a server. Whenever a client needs something, it requests that specific information from the server, the server processes its request and sends the requested information back to the client

  • Why should I use secure shell hosting?

    The traditional hosting programs are vulnerable to the different kinds of attacks which may be toxic. With secure shell hosting, you are allowed to create a secure session which is not visible to others. In this way, your website data will be more secured with the help of SSH.

  • How can I make SSH hosting secure?

    You can easily protect the secure shell hosting by keeping the password, user public key, Kerberos, host-based (public key in SSH1).

  • What is protected by secure shell hosting (SSH)?

    Secure shell hosting protects against IP spoofing and it even protects from the spoofing in the local networks as well. It also protects from IP source routing, DNS spoofing. It clears the interception of clear text password. It also manipulates the data given by the people. In simpler terms, secure shell hosting does not trust the net and it protects our data from the attacks that are based on the authentication data and spoofed connections.

  • What is not protected by the secure shell hosting?

    Secure shell hosting does not compromise the security of its users at any cost but if someone has access to your home directory then your security is definitely at risk.

  • What is the difference between secure shell hosting 1 and secure shell hosting 2?

    The major difference between both SSH1 and SSH2 is the dissimilarity in their protocols, SSH1 needs the server as well as host key to validate the system whereas SSH2 only needs the host key to validate the system. In an easier way, SSH2 is similar to the SSH1 with more improvements in its modification.

  • Is secure shell hosting legal?

    The legality of the secure shell hosting depends on the country in which it is being run. Before using the secure shell hosting it is important to note the license, cryptography laws and patents on a cryptographic algorithm of a country.

  • What were the weaknesses in secure shell hosting version 1?

    There were some structural problems in the SSH1, which is why they updated it to SSH2. SSH1 is mostly subject to man-in-middle attack. It requires hosts authentication that is why SSH2 is dissimilar to the SSH1 and it is being suggested that people should use SSH2.

  • Which operating systems are supported by secure shell hosting?

    It can run on various operating servers including PalmOS, windows, Macintosh, OS/2, WindowsCE, Java and OpenVMS

  • How does the secure shell hosting service secure a tunnel?

    SSH provides secure tunnel by looping back the traffic from the SSH secured ports.

  • On what kind of applications, SSH protocol can be used?

    Secure shell hosting can be used on Unix, Linux and as well as for Microsoft windows.

  • What is included in the performance enhancements of secure shell hosting products?

    The performance enhancements of secure shell hosting products include SSH over SCTP, ECDSA,
    ECDH and UMAC.

  • What are some of the ways to use secure shell hosting (SSH)?

    There are two ways to use secure shell hosting, one is to use the public-private key pairs which are automatically generated to encrypt a network connection, and then a password is provided to log in. The other way is to use a public-private key pair which is manually generated, this allows the users or programmers to log in without having a specific password.

  • What security bugs are present in the secure shell hosting and in which version?

    The secure shell hosting versions before the launch of all had they security flaws in them which allows the local users to get access to the secret host key. This bug was fixed in the new version 1.2.13. If you try to run security shell hosting version 1.2.13 on Alpha OSF 1.3 or SCO in C2 security mode, it will give the access to the local users, this can only be fixed by upgrading it to version 1.2.14


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