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Is Hostgator Good, Reliable? I have already written several articles on this blog where I make a comparison between the good side and the bad side of the internet in some aspect, and today I am going to talk about an aspect of the internet that is the free competition between some areas that the internet provides, but precisely about the branch of website hosting and internet blog and this will allow  you to find out if Hostgator is good, reliable ?, all this based on examples and research from specialized sites on the subject.

With a little research on the internet you can find out what is necessary to set up a hosting server, the necessary wardware and software, if you have an investment capital (which is not high) you can set up your home hosting server.

But what is the problem of setting up a home hosting ?, on the internet the appearance is very deceiving, an individual can set up a home hosting server and through a website with a very striking layout, a good deceit on social networks (which can be achieved through of paid software, so the numbers are not of people who accompany the company) all this creates the appearance of a good hosting company, when in fact it is a home server created with the minimum of structure to support the traffic of the websites that hosts.

Instability in Your Blog or Site

Due to their limited structure they will not be able to guarantee that your site will be available at all times, this can cause major problems for your work, as the availability of the site is one of the ranking points of Google, if your site is unstable he will often not rank well in the search engines, making his work as a writer has been practically in vain.

Payment Data Security

is hostgator is best

If you are working with a doubtful company, will you have the security that your credit card details, CPF, bank account, will not be used for the practice of illegal activities ?, many do not pay attention to this and face great losses in the future, such as undue credit card purchases and denial of credit due to pending CPF.

Instabilities and security are two extremely important points, which I would like to highlight for you to be careful with the fake companies that offer the website hosting service, they alone are enough for you to think twice before hiring a web hosting company. hosting without investigating the company further, but I could also mention the negative aspects of the support, limited additional resources such as disk space, emails, additional domains …

HostGator Review

How to Find a Good Blog or Website Hosting to Use

The first step and understanding what I said above, in the previous paragraphs, I said that it is very easy to set up a fake hosting company with the appearance of a good website host, and if you are not careful you can suffer serious consequences when hiring the hosting service of these companies such as: instability of your blog, and misuse of your payment data such as credit cards, social security numbers, bank accounts.

The second step is to identify the characteristics of a reliable hosting company.

I could mention several aspects of a good hosting company such as storage capacity, email limit, domains …, but I will mention the most important point the opinion of the company’s customers, not ahead I put a list here of good resources that the company offers, but without any confirmation from its customers, if I did that I would be naive because anyone can create a page on the internet and insert excellent characteristics of a hosting company, but this will not guarantee that it will be good.

So how can I prove to users that a company offers a reliable hosting service? through satisfaction surveys and awards obtained by the company from different agencies specialized in blogs, websites.

Why Hostgator is Good, Reliable to Host Your Blog or Website

The complete list of awards that Hostgator has  already received due to its excellence in providing hosting services for blogs or websites, you can find here , in this article I will list the most important ones:

Searching; in 2000 http :// conducted a survey, where 5,600 bloggers were interviewed in order to bring up the best hosting for those who want to host a blog or website on the internet.

The complete list lists 25 hosting sites, I will list only the first 5.

HostGator (1,907 of 5,600 Bloggers)
BlueHost  (1,023 of 5,600 Bloggers)
Rackspace (690 of 5,600 Bloggers)
Softlayer (667 of 5,600 Bloggers)
Amazon (483 of 5,600 Bloggers)

Check the complete list here

According to the opinion of the bloggers themselves, HostGator offers the best blog hosting service on the internet.

Awards Related to Best Hosting for Micro Companies

Best Small Business Hosting analyzes hosting companies in their different hosting services such as shared, VPS, dedicated server and makes comparisons with other hosting services to offer the best service to users.

The website: it analyzes the company through a code of ethics so that the relationship is the best possible between the hosting company and the person who wants to hire a hosting, thus ending the suspicions about the company.


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