Start a Blog for your eCommerce Product

Why Start a Blog for your eCommerce Product

Whenever I discover something that works for me, I always feel better sharing my discoveries and techniques with others if I believe it can also be beneficial to them. Blogging and eCommerce is just one of those techniques on the table today to Start a Blog for your eCommerce Product (01 ). If you own an eCommerce business, chances are that you’ve asked yourself the question of whether or not you should start a blog for your online business.

As a person who also owns their own eCommerce venture, I would say do not hesitate another day! Blogging has been such a great marketing opportunity for me and a great way to connect with those people who are looking for specific products.

With a Start a Blog for your eCommerce Product, you’ll be able to share your product information, teach others how to best use your products and also encourage customer interaction while harnessing the power of social media Optimization. So Why is a blog so important when it comes to your eCommerce business? Isn’t blogging just one more thing that you have to spend time doing in your busy day? You bet! However, the ROI (return on investment) of a blog comes in a variety of ways.

Below are the 3 of my favorite reasons why your eCommerce website needs a blog of its own:

1. Its FREE! (or quite inexpensive) You Also Get Targeted Marketing:

There are many ways you can setup a free blog via and Blogger .com . If you’re wondering which one to pick there’s a post I did about WordPress vs Blogger that you can have a look at here.

I have tried both WordPress and Blogger and personally tend to lean more towards WordPress as my blogging platform of choice due to all of its features and functionality. Always make sure that every time you post on your blog, you create anchor links to a specific product on your eCommerce website, you can do this by making use of keyword phrases.

A blog is one of the best ways you can advertise your products and create awareness for your brand. Its simple to start, all you need is to buy a domain name from Namecheap and hosting from Hostgator. That’s all I did with this particular website.

2. Helps You Build Credibility Within Your Industry

The higher the quality of information you post in regards to your services and products, the more likely you are to reach your intended buyers. Credibility is established once the potential buyers (web visitors) get a sense that you know what you’re talking about and they begin to trust you and any products or services that you’re offering.

A good way to make sure that you set the  right tone with your credibility is to be consistent in both the quality of your information as well as truthful in any facts that you provide. If you fail at these two very important requirements, you can expect any potential buyers to start looking elsewhere for the products/services they want.

3. Get Found!

With a blog, you and your product can be found by companies, the local news, International shows, TV, other bloggers in related fields and other forms of media. There are people who work for back office for media companies and their job is to find interesting people to feature as part of their magazine, newspaper, TV show etc.

So if your blog for your eCommerce business starts to rank high for the specific search terms related to your product/services, you will not only get found by potential customers, but media sources, PR companies, people who want to feature your and your product in one way or another. This is why its very important to have a strong, truthful and Interesting founder’s story as part of your ‘About’ page.

In order to succeed in to Start a Blog for your eCommerce Product

In order to succeed in to Start a Blog for your eCommerce Product to where you want it to be, always make sure you remain consistent with the following:

  • Posting – This refers to how often you post, its important to post at least once a week. Make sure any information or content you post on your blog works by providing readers with value if you want your readers to keep coming back.
  • What you write about– Make sure whatever it is that you’re writing about is of use to your readers and possible potential buyers of your product.
  • Get some anchor links going – Do not overdo any anchor links to your eCommerce site, its important to include keyword links to your pages, however keep your links minimal.
  • Product reviews  – If you’re selling products, it’s also a good idea to do product review on your site from time to time in order to better inform your visitors about the benefits and features of the products you’re selling. This will give you an edge over your competitors.
  • Post comments to other people’s blogs – Find related blogs in your field of interests and make useful comments on these blogs, this can get you seen and also works as a form of link building services and SEO services ( only on Do-follow blogs ). Don’t overdo this step as you may be seen as a spammer by both the blog owner and search engines. Remember to only contribute with useful comments and suggestions.

There you have it, the top 3 reasons why you need to start a blog for your eCommerce product website (02 ). I hope you’ll be able to implement the information discussed here.

Mohd Ozair

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