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Shopify already has over 820,00 merchants on its platform and if you are one of them, then this article is just for you.  With such competition, you might be thinking: what does it take to stand out from them. So here is a piece of successful advice – Add vibrancy and liveliness to your Shopify store.

How to do it? – Display visual-based content. 

But Visual based content hampers the website’s speed, is there any better way to display them without affecting the speed? – Yes, and that is by the Shopify Instagram feed app . 

How to do it? – With the help of these amazing tools.

Best Instagram Shopify apps

  • #1 Instagram Feed by Tagembed

Tagembed is already a well-renowned social media aggregator which provides great help to businesses by easing their embedding process within a few clicks. It also offers a dedicated Instagram feed app for Shopify that helps you collect Instagram feeds from the provided source and display them on your Shopify store. Besides Instagram, the plugin is also compatible with 15+ social media platforms. 

You can create a free account and display Instagram feed on your website. Yes, you read it correctly, the plugin is free and offers a free forever plan.


  • Compatible in displaying all media – Whether its images, shorts videos, GIFs, or any type of media, the tool streams them on the website without affecting the speed of your Shopify website.
  • Customization – Where images add a vibrancy, you can enhance the beauty of your website and make it more appealing to the visitor by customizing the feed. The tool allows you to change font size, font style, theme, the background of the feed, and more.
  • Moderation – You cannot control what people post on social media, but with this feature, you can control what content goes for the display. The tool allows full control over the feed and allows you to filter out all irrelevant and spam content.
  • Responsive Feeds – Internet is now easily available, hence your visitor can use any device to view your Shopify website. Therefore feed adjusts automatically to the screen type and does not hinder the visitor’s experience.
  • Auto Updates – There is no need to manually refresh the feed to get the latest content on the website. The feed automatically updates the feed with the latest content.
  • And more.
  • #2 Instafeed – Instagram Feed by Mintt Studio 

It is an amazing tool that allows you to display custom shoppable Instagram feeds on your Shopify store. It assists you in converting your store visitors into your customers. 


  • Coding-free tool: Even you don’t have any coding knowledge or experience, you can still handle still tool like a pro. Moreover, you don’t even need any developer or specialist to run this tool.
  • Compatible – It runs all kinds of media types, supporting all kinds of images and videos.
  • Lightweight – The tool does not inject any code on your website and does not put any burden. Moreover, it displays all kinds of visual content without affecting the speed of the website.
  • Fully Customizable – You can choose from feed title, number of rows, columns, space between the post, and more.
  • Shoppable Instagram feeds – Instafeed Pro plan allows you to create a shoppable Instagram feed
  • And more…
  • #3 Instashow  – Instagram Feed by Elfsight

Elf-sight is a popular social media aggregator tool that has made a name for itself, and it is carrying the same magic on its Shopify app. Instashow is an amazing app that allows you to present Instagram content on the website using tags, usernames, URLs, etc.


  • Customization – customization feature of the tool allows change colors, adjust height and width, and more.
  • Moderation – You can choose which posts go for the display on the website and which remains hidden. In simple words, full control over the feed.
  • Live updates  – The tool constantly updates the latest content, so as soon as someone posts on Instagram using your source, the feed will display the content on the website.
  • Language support – It supports 24 popular languages.
  • Call-to-action button
  • And more…
  • #4 Instagram Feed by 99 Ecommerce Experts

It is an easy-to-use Instagram feed app that adds Instagram feeds to your website and professionally displays them. Real Instagram photos add brand integrity helps you to convince your potential customers into becoming a customer.


  • Connects with the Instagram account without any hassle and is smooth in operations.
  • Provides responsive feed that adjusts to any screen type with ease.
  • Allows you to decide a number of photos to be in shown in the Instagram feed.
  • Automatically updates the feed regularly.
  • #5 Instagram Feed Gallery by

Business always looks to attain more sales, and this app helps in achieving this feat. The tool allows users to display their Instagram content on their website and add tags. Then, by clicking on the ‘buy now’ button, the visitor can purchase the selected product.


  • Provides a responsive gallery that displays content from Instagram and other social media platforms.
  • Updates the feed automatically, the user doesn’t need to refresh the feed manually.
  • Allows users to add a social sharing button, so visitors can share the content from the website, without changing the window.
  • Offers the facility to change Instagram posts into shoppable Instagram feeds, which helps you to achieve your sales goal.
  • And more…


Instagram witnessed a speed up in it popularity, and using it for the marketing purpose can be a smart strategy. However, to extract maximum benefit from the platform, you should think about using it beyond the platform boundaries, and this is where Shopify Instagram feed apps jump in. The tools mentioned above are easily available on the app store, and you can operate them with ease. So try these apps and watch your business grow.


Emilio Scott is a digital growth marketer & Shopify developer with 6 yrs of marketing experience. In her role, she creates strategies that help businesses to upgrade their website with Google reviews Shopify app. Being a Shopify developer Emilio loves to create new and easy-to-use Facebook & Twitter widgets for Shopify websites.