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How do Core Web Vitals work? Three indicators called Core Web Vitals rate how easy it is for a user to load a website. These metrics rate the speed at which page content loads, the responsiveness of the browser to user input, and the stability of the material as it loads in the browser.

Report from Core Web Vitals Enhance the user experience on your website. Based on data from actual users’ websites, the Core Web Vitals report illustrates how well your pages function.


If you get a “No data available” box, it either means that your property is new in Search Console or that there is insufficient data in the CrUX report to provide useful information for the selected device type (desktop or mobile).

If your home is brand new: Whether a URL is a part of a Search Console property or not, the CrUX database collects information about it. However, it may take a few days after a property is formed to analyze and post any previous CrUX database data.

Using the PageSpeed Insights testing tool, Chrome Lighthouse tool, or AMP Page Experience Guide, you may do a live performance test for specific URLs (for AMP pages)

The following parameters are used to evaluate status metrics:

 GoodNeed improvementPoor
LCP <=2.5s<=4s>4s
FID <=100ms<=300ms>300ms
CLS <=0.1<=0.25>0.25

Importance of Core Web Vitals

  • The Core Web Vitals report displays URL performance broken down by metric type (CLS, FID, LCP), URL group , and status (Poor, Needs Improvement, Good) (groups of similar web pages).
  • Three metrics—LCP, FID, and CLS—as determined by actual user data form the basis of the report. The URL group’s status is its worst performing metric once a URL has a threshold amount of data for any metric. Therefore, the URL status is “bad” if a URL group has poor CLS but good FID.
  • A URL is excluded from the report if it does not have the required amount of reporting data for any metric.
  • In this report, only indexed URLs are permitted. In contrast to most other reports, data is assigned to the real URL rather than the canonical URL.
  • Keep in mind that information is combined for all requests made from all sources. Your overall performance will suffer if there is a lot of traffic from, say, a country with slow internet connections. If you think this might be the reason for poor performance, you can utilize BigQuery to break out your performance by country.

Report Source:

The CrUX report provides the information for the Core Web Vitals report. The CrUX report collects anonymous performance measurements from real users of your URL (called field data). Whether a URL is a component of a Search Console property or not, the CrUX database collects information about it.

Fix issues

  1. Prioritize your issues: We advise addressing everything marked as “Poor” first, after which you should order your work according to which issues are affecting the most URLs or which issues are affecting the most crucial URLs. The importance of fixing “Need improvement” URLs is lower than that of Poor URLs.
  2. Share the report with your engineer or whoever will be changing your URLs after you’ve sorted them by priority.
  3. Typical page fixes:
  • Slash the size of your pages; the ideal size for a page and all of its resources is 500KB or less.
  • To get the best performance on mobile, keep the number of page resources to 50.
  • Take into account adopting AMP, which almost ensures fast website loading on both desktop and mobile.
  • Use an outside test to suggest improvements for your page.

4. Use an external test to validate your fixes.

5. On the issue details page of the Search Console Core Web Vitals report, select Start Tracking when you believe a specific issue has been resolved.

6. Monitor the validation procedure.

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