What is SEO and SEO Optimizing a Website

Technically speaking, SEO is an acronym of English origin, being nothing more than the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. Everything that involves SEO optimizing a website, from planning to designing an article, blog, or website.

SEO started to gain enormous strength due to Social Media Marketing that allowed the entry of innumerable real possibilities to profit from the internet. When you find through search engines, you start to get extremely quality traffic.

What does SEO optimized website a brief introduction?

Some time ago, exactly in 2019, Pakistan took the first step towards the technological race, due to a project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, in order to unite universities and facilitate the exchange of information between them, thus the first connection Alternex was created through the first Provider.

Well, the rest is history, and since 2010, with more robust platforms, we started to navigate with systems that really started to run more easily when the Backbone opened, where commercial providers had access to our market.

how to optimize a website

How to do SEO?

Doing SEO is an art! Yes, I see it this way and I am extremely passionate about Website Optimization, nothing like always studying something that is constantly changing.

Optimization of a website is good planning and hard work when it comes to optimizing a website many people think it means to keep repeating keywords within the text and tell you, this is far from being SEO optimizing a website.

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Keywords are the fundamental piece that will define the success and failure of all your future efforts on a website. The choice of keywords to work with must be made in a throughway, otherwise, you will be wasting your time.

Before we start a brief introduction to SEO optimizing a website, and you already apply these techniques to your website, you need to understand that SEO has two solid bases.


SEO On-Page covers everything related to your hosting and your website, it is influenced by a series of structural factors that can affect the performance of your website. They are also known as internal classification factors, and in this case, we are talking about Meta Tags, Balancing Keywords, Internal Linking, etc.

Regarding the internal classification factors, you have absolute control and therefore, you must do your best so that your blog or website has the best content, and the best performance, nothing can escape your control.

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The Seo Off Page, as the name suggests, involves everything that is external to your site, in this case, they are external classification factors. When we talk about Seo off Page, we are talking about Link Building, social signals, etc.

Unlike SEO ON PAGE, here at OFF PAGE, the data is somewhat obscure, and getting this data can give you a little more work, but it is essential to know all your referrers, and your competitors and thus you will have more control over the fluctuations.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Use Google Keyword Planner

Choose keywords based first, based on the need that your audience has. You must choose words that are being searched, if nobody search on that subject, there is no point in wasting your time doing it.

If your site/blog does not have authority yet in your niche, choose keywords with low search volume, because probably those with higher volumes will have very fierce competition, this way you will hardly be found.

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2. Check your competitors | Analyze your competition

This step is essential, for that you must download two applications, both work in Firefox and Chrome, however, try to use Firefox more, it has more applications aimed at SEO.


This pair of apps will save you a few hours of work. After installing do a search on google with a keyword that you have chosen through Google Keyword Planner, remember to open an anonymous tab and enable these add-ons to work in this view of your browser.

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Performing the search, look at the icons on the top bar of your browser and first click on the MozBar, it will open inside the SERP, some information as in this image below

what does SEO mean

Hence clicking on the image you will see the following change in the SERP

what does SEO mean

This is the least you should do to see if your competition is very high if you will have any chance of ranking , if you believe it is possible you should continue on. Make a MIX of keywords based on your competitiveness, e.g.:

  • 50% Keywords with low difficulty
  • 30% Keywords with medium difficulty
  • 20% Keywords with high difficulty

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Where should the keywords be?

The chosen keywords must be in 3 main places:

  • Be in the article URL
  • Must be in Title H1 of the Page
  • Must be in the content of the article

Monitoring your keywords

It is essential that you are able to follow up, that is, check with a certain time interval, where that article you wrote, which has the main keyword is in the search engines’ SERP today.

In that case, there are free and paid tools, obviously, free tools will not offer the freedom that a paid tool has.

If you have many projects you will need to pay for a tool, there are countless options on the market, some with superpowers like the Rank Tracker  in the Power Suit, or less powerful and no less effective like the SERP FOX

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A very interesting free option that has several cool possibilities is the Traffic Travis tool , really surprised by its price that up to two Blogs is FREEEEEEEEEEE !!!!! It was the first monitoring tool I used and I made some videos showing how it works, please do not notice the Audio that at the time my webcam and Audio system were terrible.

Quality content

For a long time, it was believed that quality content was one of the main ranking factors, and the more unique and original the better it would be. Quality content is indeed important, it must be done with the user in mind, but… There are countless other factors to consider.

The content alone will not be enough to obtain positioning, so be aware of these factors.

  • Internal link
  • External Link
  • Backlinks
  • Website performance

Use some important texts from your site, use the Keywords you are already trying to rank, and make as many Links as you can, the number of internal Links can significantly influence your positioning.

Famous backlinks are counted as votes of confidence. It is like a doctoral thesis, or where the author of the thesis makes reference to several people who have produced some research on something very specific. So that thesis is something very specific about that particular subject.

So Google works, if you receive a lot of links from other sites, referring to you in a specific article, you will receive some degree of Link Juice, and your results will be better at SERP.

There are some ways to know the quality of the links you receive as well as use some techniques to provide links to your site, there are numerous ways to get some links, and however, the most efficient is through PBNs with the use of expired domains or purchase of domains in Auctions or Blogs of WEB 2.0.

Site Performance

To improve the performance of your website, it is essential to have a clean code, usually, the most elaborate WordPress themes are loaded with Java and CSS. If you have a theme ordered in Html check with the developer about what can be improved in the code.

Do not forget to create a sitemap and a robot, they are fundamental people that any Blog should have, the robot.txt is the first file that a search engine looks for when it comes across a Blog or Site.

Moreover, the Sitemap is a combination of links that makes use of the XML protocol , this procedure will not guarantee the best performance of your website, but it is something very basic and that every website that has a minimum of optimization must-have.

Image Optimization

Reduce the images, the images must have a maximum size of 100Kb. The TinyPNG is a free program that helps reduce the images and is pretty fast.

Also reduce the size of the image in Photoshop, very large images are usually heavy. Always save in the lightest format, JPEG or PNG, this can vary depending on the image. If you do not have Photoshop, there is a nice little free program called Photosyzer the free version works well.

The most important of SEO

With this very brief introduction to what SEO is, and what optimization is all about, I hope you have a clear sense that it is useless to have good optimization, to have all the tools in the world if the first steps do not are done.

The most important step of all is the search for keywords, because a good search, with good competition analysis, you will be able to rank with a low level of effort. Don’t be fooled by the words with the most searches.

Paid tools

  • Majestic
  • ahrefs .com/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener” title=”ahrefs” data-wpil-keyword-link=”linked”>ahrefs

The last two are the best in the world, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Now another widely used technique is the creation of Web 2.0 Blogs that can be done manually with the creation of Web 2.0 Blogs or through Directories.

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