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Video SEO (Video Marketing)

This guide has everything you need to know about video SEO to rank your videos on YouTube and Google. Keep reading. Video SEO Marketing is a path that has proven to be a differentiator, we all like a good video. However, doing something different on the internet is very difficult, you need to be aware of all communication channels, and Video Marketing is one of them!

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, only when we talk about video, these numbers go up considerably.   Dr. James Macquivey says that a video is equivalent to 1.8 million words! Wow!!

Video optimization

I do not intend here, to repeat the sameness and the same blah blah ever, I want to show you some options that can bring a big difference to your Video Marketing strategy, so stay with me until the end.

Video marketing on YouTube Videos are literally dominating the scene, in 2020 48.2 billion videos were watched in the USA, this represents an increase of 25% compared to 2019. With the advent of Smart TV’s that has become increasingly popular, this number it will certainly have a substantial increase.

See these comparative images, and note that even though Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, beats all others by far, this means that it has a lot of sales potential!

How to make an effective Video SEO Marketing strategy?

But as everything that must be done well, involves a lot of work, this involves all types of Video Marketing, whether in personal or institutional video, relationship, didactic etc. First of all you need to plan your Video Marketing strategy.

Things about video SEO marketing that you may have read elsewhere but never applied, so apply!

Ask yourself:

I – What would my audience like to see?

This is a fundamental step, knowing people’s preferences for the content you want to show. Here on my blog, it would be a disaster if I decided to show a video about Portuguese classes, because, of course, my audience is not preparing for Enema, my audience wants solutions for their marketing strategies.

Say your keyword research, keyword research is also functional for your video marketing strategy, for that use Google’s Keyword Planner, or another Keyword Researcher tool.

II – How will the structure of videos SEO

It is necessary to maintain the organization. Try to open an Excel spreadsheet and put the titles, description, Links etc. Leave the spreadsheet next to the folder where you leave your videos.

III – When will the video be posted?

Try to keep a fixed date for posting videos, usually days like Wednesday and Sunday afternoon are good times.

IV – Well these tips were pretty basic, right?

You may already be tired of this litany, but seriously this is basic, but we must strive to do at least this, because if you intend to succeed on YouTube you will have to work hard!

Types of Videos for Advertising and Marketing

  • Video Marketing Advertising Videos
  • Getting Started Videos
  • Explanatory video of your Business
  • Creating Tutorial Videos
  • Video Marketing Animation

Among others, but the main and most used are the ones mentioned above

Video Marketing for Branding

Another step that we could not ignore is its brand. When people access your videos, do they feel that they are in fact giving it to you as a professional, an amateur? How do you think they react? What impression are you giving?

Do not forget that all of this is part of the visual identity that you are leaving on the internet, and people notice this type of thing, make no mistake.

Turning a blind eye to techniques like these is tantamount to being off to the market

Hire professionals or make mistakes until you get it right

If you are starting and need to get it right, you don’t have time to make mistakes, and you need results quickly; I advise you to hire a company that makes a video showing what your company is like and what it does, or who you are and what kind of service you are providing. The result will certainly be surprising.

If you are not yet able to hire a company, even if it is not a large company like the one mentioned above, you can try to hire a freelancer at Up work or Fiverr, but in the latter you will not have the same result as the video mentioned.

Recalling that we are talking about a fully personalize video, which represents your brand and your company

Blog SEO for videos

Both in Blogs Videos, images etc. One thing I learned is: Do the right thing!

What do I mean by that? YouTube, WordPress, Joomla etc.… provide a series of tools and fields to be filled out, on YouTube for example, we have:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Video Tags
  • Advanced formats etc..

This is not all there because it is cute, these are all FACTORS! That weigh in the algorithm, and for that reason filling all this is fundamental, Video SEO is also hands-on!

If you want to know more about Social media optimization visit: What is Social Media Optimization (SMO) & Social Media Marketing

SEO for product videos

Sales videos for the affiliate market are usually easier to make and with a few hours you can quickly build something that converts into some sales.

Of all the stages, the most important, the fundamental stage and the one that will be decisive for your success with complete certainty is the choice of the key word! The one that will really bring results, don’t forget that!

Now the Magic of Video Marketing

We need to check the competition. The competition check on YouTube is a little different from the on-page analysis that is done on Blogs and Sites. That’s why this tool is essential.

Note the rank of this test video I made, I didn’t track your ranking from the beginning, but it was index on the second page for the main keyword which is “safflower oil really slims”


Today he has already achieved several positions on the first page with different keywords … This is very, very good, see that in the image there is a reasonable volume of searches for some key words.


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