How to Get AdSense Approval

Want to Get AdSense Approval? In this article, I will tell you how to get AdSense approval easily. There are some factors that can help you to get an AdSense account easily.

  • In order to get a google AdSense account easily, your blog or website should be on a particular subject. Suppose, if your blog is based on computer tips then all of your blog posts should be related to computer tips.
  • You should give your website’s name according to the subject matter of your website. For example, or www Generally, if you apply for AdSense account through free blog sites or sub-domain , then google will give less priority to your application. So, in order to get AdSense account easily, select top-level domain name (example: .com, .org, etc.) It would be nice if your website design is professional. Google looks at these things before giving approval of AdSense account.
  • You can add a nice logo to your website. It will disclose a good idea about your company/website and it also increases professionalism in your website.
  • You should enlist your website to the google webmaster tool (1) for indexing your site before applying AdSense account. At this time, you should create an XML sitemap and submit it to the google webmaster tool.
  • Google actually wants visitors. If your site has sufficient visitors, then it would not be difficult for you to get AdSense approval. So, try to bring some unique visitors to your site.
  • Your website content must be unique and free from copy-paste content. The more content you have, the better your chance of getting AdSense approval. It is told in SEO that ‘content is the king’. One thing you should remember in mind is that if you use duplicate content for your site, google can ban your AdSense account at any time.
  • In your blog/website, you should have an “About”, “Contact us” and ”Privacy Policy” page. Otherwise, google may not approve your AdSense application.


How to Protect your Account Banned from AdSense

Please give attention to AdSense account holders. Things you should know to protect your account banned from AdSense.

  1. Never ever click your own ad. This will increase the rate of invalid clicks and impressions. As a result, your account may be banned from AdSense.
  2. Never encourage your friends or relatives to click on your AdSense ad.
  3. Stay away from login into your AdSense account from a cyber café or your friend’s personal computer.
  4. Don’t put your AdSense code on nudity or pornographic site. The same rule applies to hacking and cracking related sites.
  5. Never put your AdSense code on gambling, casino, and violent sites.
  6. Google wants unique and quality content. Don’t try to post copy paste content into your website. Google will catch you and you may face AdSense banned.
  7. Don’t put AdSense ads on a page that is contentless. If you do this, your account will be banned from AdSense.
  8. Never put your ad with pictures. Because visitors get confused google never allows this. If you do so, you may be banned by AdSense.
  9. Never think to use AdSense and clicksor at a time. Clicksor is a contextual ad and it is against the terms of AdSense.
  10. If you use AdSense with yahoo or clicksor, you will be banned from AdSense without any question. For adbrite and bidvertiser, keep in mind that the ad size and color should not be the same as AdSense.

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