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A good web design is an important part of your business website because it plays a key role in establishing the credibility of your business. If your website has a bad design, then it will affect your brand, your sales, and your reputation. So, if you are looking for ways to create a killer web design then here is a simple 7-step guide.

Decide on the overall theme

The first step to creating a killer web design is to decide on the overall theme of your site. This step helps you to understand what the purpose of your site is and it will help you to decide which type of website is best for your business. For example, if you have a fashion store, you can go for an eCommerce website or a photoblog. If you are a local business, then a simple website with a contact form will be sufficient. A website designing company in Lahore can help you with this.

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Find inspiration

After deciding on the overall theme, you need to look at some websites that are similar to your business. This will help you to understand the design and functionality of your competitors’ websites and also it will give you some inspiration to create a better design.

Build your website on a solid foundation

Create your design brief

Once you have decided on the overall theme and you have found a few inspiration websites, it’s time to create a brief. Your brief should include the content, the functionality, the layout, the style, the fonts, the colors, the images, etc.

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Choose the type of CMS you want

After creating a brief, you need to choose a content management system. A CMS is like an operating system for your website and it will help you to create a beautiful and functional website. There are many different types of CMS, but the most popular ones are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Shopify . You can also use a CMS-free website, which means that you don’t need any software.

Create a wireframe

A wireframe is a very simple tool that helps you to understand what the design will look like. It’s important to create a wireframe because it will make sure that your website is user-friendly and it will save time in designing the website.

Choose the right web development company

After creating a wireframe, it’s time to find a good website designing company in Lahore. A good web development company will help you to create a beautiful and functional website, so choose the one that has a good portfolio.

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Code it now it’s time to code it!

You need to create the final design of your website and then upload it to your server. The last step is to add some content to your website and start promoting it.


This was a simple 7-step guide to creating a killer web design. It’s very important to understand what type of web design is best for your business, but if you don’t know how to create a killer web design then I have shared with you some simple steps that will help you to create an attractive and functional website.

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