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How to choose a good hosting for online stores 2021

What to value when choose a good hosting for online stores?

When it comes to choosing our supplier, we tend to have the bad habit of looking only at the price, which is a huge mistake to good hosting for online stores.

Hosting will directly influence the customer service you are going to provide, so you should take into account many other factors before choosing.

My advice is that you look at these 6 criteria to choose a good hosting for online stores:

1. Speed

There are many people who think that as long as the store works, it does not matter if it goes more or less slow.

Nothing is further from reality. As I explained in this post on how to measure your WPO, Amazon values ​​that  a delay in loading of 0.1 seconds leads to a loss of 1% of total sales.

You’re starting to see how important it is, right?

Well, the thing does not end there, because  the loading speed also affects your SEO positioning. One of the most important criteria of the Google algorithm is that the web takes less than 2 seconds to load.

And that is impossible if you do not have a powerful hosting.

2. SSL certificate

For your store to sell it is necessary for the person to feel that they are in a trustworthy and safe place. One of the points that transmits the most peace of mind to customers is seeing that the  e-commerce has an SSL certificate.

What this certificate does is encrypt all the information that the user deposits on the web. As soon as the client sees the padlock and the “https” they will know that this site protects their data and that will make them feel more supported.

Do not hire a hosting that does not offer you that service. It is still an extra security and will make you sell more.

3. Disk space

Another important aspect to take into account is the storage that your provider will allow. In a blog almost all the content that is included is text, but in an e-commerce  you will have to upload many photos of your products.

Starting with a single jig can be risky in the medium term.

4. Security

Internet security is always associated with having a powerful SSH WordPress Hosting. A serious company will not only protect you against  all types of malware, viruses or spam,  but it will also make backup copies of you automatically.

Also, when the server is stable and optimized, it is much more difficult for someone to take it down with a negative SEO attack.

For example, a DDOS attack consists of directing a large amount of traffic to your website at once. As the hosting is not powerful, your e-commerce will go down for days .

And this will not only mean a loss in sales because the store is not active, but it will also have taken away your SEO strategy.

5. Technical service

As I said before, when you hire a cheap hosting it is very common for you to only look at the price. One does not see beyond the 2 or 3 euros that one is going to save and does not consider assessing whether the technical service attention is good hosting for online stores.

But what is going to happen is that your e-commerce, sooner or later, will have problems.

And when you see that your store is down and no one answers your emails, you will pull your hair out for not having hired a better hosting. And all to save you a few euros.

Before hiring a hosting, research online what your customers say about technical service . I can assure you that you will save yourself a disappointment.

Also, unless you are fluent in English, I advise you to only choose a  hosting that serves you in Spanish, hindi or other languages. It is one thing to use Google Translate, and quite another to try to explain a technical problem in English.


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