How Can Typography Design Make or Unmake Your Web Design?

There is no secret that textual information is displayed on any website when users land on them. In order to make the texts comfortable to read and make it easier for visitors to perceive the information presented on the website, it is necessary for web designers and SEO professionals to work carefully with the tips of typography design 01 .

Different types of typography designs

In simple language, the typography is the printed text. As all website owners tend to improve the readability of the text content, they need to be careful about the fonts they choose for their websites. They should choose fonts that facilitate comfortable reading without straining human eyes.

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How to Decrease Bounce Rates by Improving Your Typography?

So, let’s look at the ways the typography in web design can Decrease Bounce Rates by Improving Your Typography design.

1. The Fewer fonts, The Better Your Website Will Be

Many designers use many fonts or styles on websites. And, of course, it’s a big mistake if you think about the readability of your website content. Try to use only 2 or 3 fonts and always keep in mind that the main text of the site should be in the same font and size.

Just choose one font for the headings and stick to it in all circumstances. Go for other fonts only in extreme cases, such as to write subtitles. Never be afraid if you use two different fonts on your website. Just focus on the unity of color, density, etc, to maintain consistency on your website.

2. Fancy or Boring Fonts Can Repel Visitors

Always be careful about the fonts you select for your website. Using fancy or boring fonts makes your website look unprofessional & repels visitors away from your website. Always choose a standard font for your website content.

Reduce the font size appropriately If you have problems with a lack of space for text. Always add spaces between paragraphs as it will l give some breathing space to visitors while reading the content.

3. Correct Alignment Is Mandatory

Many website owners, SEO professionals, and web designers ignore the huge importance of content alignment. If the content is not aligned, it looks unprofessional up to a great extent. So, before making your content live for search engines and the targeted audience, make sure your content is properly aligned.

4. Don’t Use Decorative Fonts If Possible

Many Website owners use decorative fonts on their websites in order to make them look completely different and impress visitors. If you also do so, be careful about it as decorative fonts often worth a story or are used in certain cases, such as for titles and subtitles.

If possible, please avoid using decorative fonts for displaying the main text content of your website.

5. Font Size Always Matters

If you want to improve the consumption of your website content, font size matters a lot. Too large or too small fonts can dilute the attractiveness of the content. Although, it is easier to change the font size using the computer keyboard commands.

But, you can’t expect all customers to take this action at all times. So, make sure that the content of your website has an appropriate size, allowing users to read the available content without straining their eyes.

6. Always Care About Content Readability

As we all know that the time spent on the site by regular and random visitors, and the number of pages they viewed are considered by Google when ranking websites in its SERP. All website owners try their level best to get users to stay longer on their sites by providing useful content.

Good articles generate interest, feedback, comments, etc, and encourage them to hang around websites for the maximum time and make transactions. All these are possible only when the readability of the text is good.

Always keep in mind that today’s audience chooses the most visually attractive and easy-to-read materials despite the availability of millions of websites and web pages. So, you must focus on content readability (using a good font) to provide maximum convenience to visitors when they the site content.

7. A Good Color for Fonts

Did you ever consider what colors are the best for fonts? Whether you believe it or not, Black, blue, white, red, etc, are prominently used for fonts. A brightly colored font is difficult to see and read. Choose good colors for the text content of your website to attract the targeted audience and improve the level of content consumption.

Final Words

All website owners must keep in mind that the Typography is an important element in web design and development, SEO campaigns, and other activities of digital marketing. Due to the lack of time & urgency of work, 99% of all clients never always look at this aspect of design. Website typography should be standard, without many frills, to increase the content readability & website use up to a great extent.

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