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Build your website (Overview)

Working from home saved Google around $1 billion. According to the Bloomberg website, Alphabet’s advertisement and promotion spending would decrease by $1.4 billion in 2020. The money was saved by purchasing promotions, entertainment, and travel services through Google 01 . This emphasizes the need for having a website while Build your website on a solid foundation – Profit & non Profit Websites.

Microsoft also chose to close its retail outlets permanently, as we reported ten months ago. Microsoft’s software and hardware sales have continued to shift online, as the company’s traffic and revenues on have grown steadily.

The internet success of Google and Microsoft

The internet success of Google and Microsoft has a significant lesson to learn. Every company should have a website. For long-term success, a website must construct on a stable basis. Hosting is the general name for the foundation.

The internet success of Google and Microsoft

A good host will help you grow your business by Build your website load faster and providing a smooth transition from one page to the next.

For almost two decades, as a freelancer, I’ve been building several online sites to make money. After squandering money, I realized the necessity of decent site hosting. Despite having a good idea for my startup, I failed terribly because I ignored the need for high website speed, which comes with competent tips for a web host.

Your user will immediately go to another website if your website does not load swiftly.

According to a study, roughly 46% of web users will abandon a website that takes too long to load. In this age of online competition, a website must load in under three seconds to pique the interest of visitors.

A speedy website translates to more online sales and, of course, improved search engine optimization. Website speed is one of the essential elements emphasized by Google Search Console , and it is critical for good Google ranking.

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