Best Green WordPress Hosting

Best Green “WordPress” Hosting

Generally, Green WordPress Hosting customers go for cheaper plans that consist of a server and other resources share among a large number of users. This is a share web hosting service. It is popular in the industry due to it being inexpensive, effective, and somewhat powerful on the whole.

In recent times, fortunately, more and more consumers are becoming aware of the importance of caring about the environment. Just as the sales of hybrid cars go up, homes are built to be energy efficient, and solar energy is increasingly used every day, eco-friendly web hosting is also becoming popular.

As the use of the internet is increasing, our dependence on technology and gadgets is also increasing. This results in larger amounts of energy being consumed every day. The damage caused by this to the environment is tremendous and will soon become a crisis. Individual IT users and bigger organizations are hence turning towards green web hosting.

1- Brief Introduction to Green WordPress Hosting

An environmentally friendly approach to web hosting is called green web hosting. Individual consumers and big companies are both taking steps to reduce pollution caused by emissions from data centers and other resources.

A web hosting company uses a lot of electricity to operate huge servers and networking equipment. In addition to this, there are millions of web hosting companies with data centers operating all over the world. This multiplies the negative effect web hosting has on the environment. Thankfully, a lot of hosting companies are making efforts to reduce the side effects caused by web hosting.

2- Reduction of Carbon Emissions

One of the most important steps to take towards saving the environment is reducing the carbon emitted into the atmosphere in our daily activities. There are many methods to make this happen. Following are some of them:

2.1 – Lower Energy Consumption

A large number of IT companies including web hosting providers are making significant efforts to reduce the amount of energy utilized in their operations. In the office, steps are taken to reduce the usage of computers and other hardware equipment. Air conditioners are also used judiciously as much as possible. Solar power is being increasingly used to replace the traditional sources of electricity.

Lesser use of paper is encouraged and recycling of all paper and plastic is practiced. In today’s world where most information is shared and stored digitally, eliminating the use of paper can easily be achieved. Employees are educated on the benefits of carpooling to work.

2.2 – Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

This is one of the most common steps taken by web hosting providers. Renewable Energy Credits or renewable certificates are purchased from an electrical company. They represent renewable energy sources. This step plays a major role in reducing pollution and increasing the use of renewable power.

2.3 – Using Alternate Sources of Fuel

Many data centers also contribute to the cause by the use of efficient server equipment that runs on propane instead of diesel. A few companies go a step further by generating their own renewable energy.

2.4 – Helping The Earth, One Hosting Package at a Time

Many web hosting companies help to reduce the negative effects on the environment by adding something positive. One example of this is – some hosting providers make it a policy to plant a tree each time they sell a hosting package or add a new customer. This way instead of constantly taking from the earth, they make efforts to give back and restore the environmental balance. This seems like a very small step but, for big companies with a large number of customers, this can make a significant impact.

3 – Top Green WordPress Hosting Companies

The experts in the field have rated green web hosting companies’ reviews based on many criteria that include – uptime guarantees, important features, tech support, past user reviews, user-friendliness, hosting awards, and overall reliability review by hostadvice .

Most of the reputed eco-friendly hosting companies commonly use the methods of recycling, purchasing RECs, alternative energy sources, and planting trees to offset their carbon footprints. The following are rated as the top 10 green web hosting providers:

3.1 – iPage

ipgae review

iPage is 100% wind-powered. Their free domain name and robust security make them a very popular green host.

3.2 – GreenGeeks

greenGeeks review

This provider is 300% green and provides unlimited resources with the free domain name.

3.3 – HostPapa

hostPapa review

100% green and provides lifelong domain names, unlimited domains, and a large number of marketing credits.

3.4 – SiteGround

siteground review

100% green web hosting provider, offers free domain names and unlimited websites. The company runs on 100% wind energy.

3.5 – InMotion

inmotion review

An eco-friendly and provides free domain names, unlimited domains, and marketing credits.

3.5 – HostGator

hostgator review

wind-powered web host. The hosting plans include a free domain name, shopping cart, and a 45 days refund period.

3.6 – WebHostingPad

webHostingPad review

A budget-friendly hosting provider with unlimited domains and free domain names.

3.7 – DreamHost

dream Host review

carbon-neutral provides unlimited domains and free domain names.

3.8 – A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting review

cheap web hosting plans with free domain names and unlimited websites.

We are becoming more and more aware of the harmful effects technology and pollution is having on the environment. Opting for eco-friendly alternatives for most daily operations has become the need of the hour. Green web hosting is definitely one such alternative that will help save the planet and its resources in the long run. However, going for a green web hosting plan directly may not be an option for everyone.

Not only is a green web hosting service is generally more expensive than a traditional shared hosting plan, but there are also many hosting providers that do not carry out the eco-friendly methods that they claim to. If a prospective consumer is interested in going for a green web hosting option, doing proper research and analysis of the hosting provider is of utmost importance.

It is important to find a reputed host that provides the service at an affordable price and actually practices the eco-friendly ideals that it advertises.

4 – Green WordPress Hosting FAQ

4.1 – What is web hosting?

A service that allows us to place our websites on the internet is known as web hosting.

4.2 – What are different types of hosting?

There are different types of hosting services such as reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, cPanel WordPress hosting, and Green WordPress Hosting.

4.3 – What is green hosting?

Green web hosting is an eco-friendly alternative to simple web hosting. There are many companies that are providing green web hosting services. But, you might wonder that what does this term means. Green web hosting is the hosting service that helps us to reduce the negative effects of hosting services on our environment.

4.4 – How does green hosting work?

Companies that provide green web hosting use renewable energy sources to generate power that is used to host a website. Generating power through renewable energy sources to run web servers reduces the environmental impact. Examples of eco-friendly power sources are the wind, biogas, water, and the sun.

4.5 – Why companies offer green hosting?

Companies have a corporate social responsibility and they want to play their role in the conservation of our environment. To protect this environment from pollution and decrease the effects of global warming, companies provide green web hosting services. It is their responsibility to play their role to save our environment because the revenue that they generate also comes from this environment.

4.6 – What is the purpose of green hosting?

The worldwide web is a big network and there are millions of websites on the internet. To keep these websites on the internet, we need hosting services. However, to host all these websites we also need web servers. There is a huge amount of energy required to run these web servers and to keep these web servers cool.

These web servers require electricity and a stable internet connection all the time. They release the huge amount of carbon dioxide back into the environment. This CO2 has a very negative impact on our environment. It increases pollution and plays a major role in global warming. The purpose of green web hosting is to eliminate this negative impact and to preserve our environment.

4.7 – Why should we prefer green web hosting?

Preserving this environment is not only the responsibility of our government and agencies. It is the responsibility of every individual to play a role to make this environment safe. We should do everything to keep nature safe so that our coming generations can enjoy the beauty of nature.

Every person who wants to host a website should not only think about revenue generation but, he or she should also think that what will be the impact of this action on the environment. If we all become responsible citizens of this world, we can keep our environment clean, safe, and healthy.

4.8 – What is shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting is the web hosting service in which many websites are being hosted on a single web server and all users share the resources.

4.9 – What is dedicated web hosting?

Dedicated web hosting is the type of web hosting service in which a server is dedicated to hosting a single website and all the resources are dedicated to a single user.

4.10 – What is reseller web hosting?

Reseller means a person who buys something with the intention of selling it with some profit margin. Similarly, reseller web hosting is the hosting service in which a person buys web hosting services from a company and then sells these web hosting services to the end-users. The person keeps some profit margin from himself and sells the services of big companies to individuals or small companies.

4.11 – What is the difference between green web hosting and other types of web hosting services?

There is basically no difference in the services of green web hosting and other types of web hosting. Green web hosting is also a web hosting service like all other web hosting services. However, the difference is how the companies generate power to provide these services.

Other web hosting companies consume electricity to generate power whereas green web hosting companies use renewable energy sources from the environment to provide these services.

4.12 – What are the benefits of green web hosting?

Green web hosting plays a big role to save the environment from pollution, harmful chemicals, and global warming.

4.13 – Is Green WordPress Hosting affordable?

Yes, green web hosting is affordable. Though companies who provide green web hosting have to spend a
lot of money to acquire sources to conserve the environment. However, many companies receive funding from the government due to which they are able to provide affordable services to their customers.

4.14 – Does green web hosting really make a difference?

Yes, green web hosting can really make a difference. If every person who wants to host a website chooses green web hosting, then we all can make a huge difference.

4.15 – Who provides green web hosting?

There are many web hosting companies that are providing green web hosting services.

  1. GreenGeeks – Best overall green hosting provider
  2. InMotion – Best green share web hosting provider
  3. A2 Hosting – Best value green hosting 
  4. iPage – Best cheap green hosting
  5. SiteGround – Most reliable green hosting
  6. HostPapa – Best for promoting your eco-friendliness
  7. DreamHost – Best for extra features

4.17 – What are the names of some companies that provide green web hosting?

Some examples of the companies that are providing green web hosting services are HostGator, iPage, GreenGeeks, and HostPapa.

4.16 – Can we check whether our web hosting company is really providing green web hosting or not?

There are many good companies that are providing green web hosting services. However, there may be some companies who lie about providing green web hosting services. There are some ways by which you can check whether your company is providing green web hosting or not.

Moreover, you should always look for certifications or badges on the website of a company to find out if it is a green web hosting company or not. Before buying services from a company, you should also check its online reviews from credible resources. By reading reviews, you will get to know whether the company is a green web hosting company or not and whether it should be trusted or not.

4.17 – What is the similarity between green web hosting and other types of web hosting services?

Green web hosting providers and other types of web hosting services providers offer the same types of web hosting services. The difference is only their way of using energy.

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